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The “Become Your Own Dream” Scholarship, started by Hooman and Lorelei Tavakolian, is a 1-year award that goes to help a New York City student-athlete who has overcome hardship, graduated from high school, and plans to wrestle in college.

Jon Tush, Lorelei Tavakolian, First Award Recipient William Vera, and Hooman Tavakolian.

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Criteria for This Scholarship

This scholarship will be decided annually based on the following criteria:

  • Candidate is graduating from a high school in New York City.
  • Candidate plans to wrestle in college. Note, this individual does not necessarily have to be recruited into an established collegiate wrestling program, but must demonstrate an intent to wrestle in college, whether that be on an established team or by starting her or his own club team.
  • Candidate has demonstrated financial need.
  • Candidate has received a recommendation from his or her High School Coach.
  • Candidate demonstrates:
      • Strength of character.
      • Commitment to academics.
      • Leadership skills.

Selection & Award Process

Once the submission period is closed, all applications will be reviewed by the selection committee and the one candidate who best represents the above criteria will be chosen to receive the scholarship. The winner will be announced at the Beat the Streets Annual Gala.

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, a high school student must submit the following materials prior to the deadline of March 30th, 2015. Please send the materials below to

  • A completed Application Form
  • An essay that demonstrates:
      • How wrestling has influenced applicant’s life in a positive way
      • How applicant plans on giving back to the sport of wrestling in the future
  • A letter of recommendation from coach, specifying how the applicant has demonstrated:
      • Strength of Character
      • Leadership Skills
  • A copy of High School Transcript
  • A demonstration of financial need
      • Proof of having been on school lunch program
      • Parents’ confidential statement

Selection Committee

The annual award winner will be chosen by the scholarship founders Hooman Tavakolian,  Lorelei Martin-Tavakolian, Jon Tush, and Justin Hoch.


Once the scholarship winner enrolls in a college program, arrangements will be made to transfer the funds directly to that institution on the winner’s behalf.


Application Form