The Become Your Own Dream Scholarship Fund, founded in 2011 by Hooman Tavakolian, Lorelei Martin-Tavakolian, and Jon Tush, has already given out thousands of dollars to college-bound Beat the Streets-affiliated wrestlers. And now it aims to do much more.

Andy Barth has kicked off the endowment drive for the Become Your Own Dream Scholarship Fund. Part of his contribution will go towards next year’s scholarship, but the majority will go towards reaching the $50,000 endowment goal, which would fund the baseline of one scholarship in perpetuity.

“This is huge,” said Hooman. “Mr. Barth’s commitment to the scholarship is very exciting. We’ve worked hard over the past few years to get this off the ground, and to have his support is a tremendous affirmation that we’re doing a good thing. I hope it lends credibility to the Fund and spurs us toward our $50,000 endowment goal.”

Beat the Streets and the Board of the Become Your Own Dream Scholarship Fund are thrilled that Andy shares our vision and we thank him for his generous contribution in making a difference towards the futures of so many New York City youth on their way to achieving their dreams!